Friday, October 15, 2010

Jams and Jellies Available for Sale

I have been busy this summer picking the fruit off our trees and making lots of yummy jams and jellies.  I sell them for $5.00 a half pint jar and I will be selling them at various craft shows in the area but will also mail them. Shipping for a dozen jars for $14.50 in a priority mail box.
Here are the varieties that are available:
apple butter
sugar free apple butter
cherry jelly
cherry jam
sugar free cherry jam
cherry jalapeno jelly
habanero gold jelly (if you like spicy stuff this is unbelievable) We eat it on crackers with cream cheese - it has habanero peppers, apricots and other peppers but it is really pretty too.
jalapeno jelly
red hot apples (apples candied with red hots)
sugar free red hot apples
apricot jam (only available in fancy half pints for $6.50)
sugar free apricot jam (more like a fruit spread)
apricot honey jam (only available in fancy half pints for $6.50)
caramel apple jam
roasted red pepper spread

For more information contact me by email

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